Juan Carlos Valle For Eugene City Council


Our addresses tell us we live in Eugene. We also live in a regional and state economic system. The City of Eugene alone cannot create economic opportunities and jobs, but it can play a vital part in the development and support of local businesses.

A few years ago, I worked as a permit specialist at the City of Eugene.  I understand the processes and code related to business and development.

As a city councilor I will work to reduce the length of time and the cost to secure permits so that small businesses can spend more time and money on getting “open for business” and less time in line at the permit window.

We need to work to attract, retain and support the businesses in Eugene.  We should be active partners with other local governments and non-profit organizations to ensure that the businesses we seek represent our community values.

I strongly believe that the southern Willamette Valley has great additional opportunity for food-related businesses that use our agricultural bounty to create value-added products.  In partnership with the Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Prosperity Initiative and NEDCO we can develop new small scale agricultural enterprises in the area.

Around the country, a large number of business incubators provide facilities and professional support for new start-up enterprises. I would like to build on our area’s existing expertise – particularly from LCC, UO, and the Chamber – to create significant incubator programs here. I also intend to work on establishing a year-round indoor farmer’s market in Eugene.

Above all, as the Ward 2 City Councilor I will be available to meet with organizations who are interested in locating in the area and that are in line with our community and economic development goals.

The bottom line is we need jobs.  Our families need a secure source of income at a level that provides economic security.  This is among my top priorities.  Many families depend on the City Council to work together to make this happen.  As your City Councilor, I will use my skills and abilities to collaborate and to do the work on behalf of the people of Eugene.