Juan Carlos Valle For Eugene City Council


These are people who are supporting and endorsing Juan Carlos Valle for Eugene City Council.  Add your name to the list!

Elected and Appointed Officials and Community Leaders Supporting Juan Carlos Valle

  • Jon Belcher, Co-Chair River Road Community Organization; City of Eugene Planning Commissioner
  • Terry Beyer, State Representative
  • John Brown, EWEB Commissioner
  • Shonna Sedgwick Butler, President Centro Latino Americano Board of Directors
  • Rich Cunningham, Bethel School Board; EWEB Commissioner
  • Fran Curtis, Past President Birth to Three Board of Directors; Lane County Volunteer of the Year
  • Charles Dalton, Former Member City of Eugene Human Rights Commission; Former Chair Democratic Party of Lane County
  • Gerry Gaydos, 2011 First Citizen of Eugene; Past President Oregon State Bar
  • Jennifer Geller, Eugene 4J School District Board
  • Linda Hamilton, City of Eugene Human Rights Commission; City of Eugene Police Commissioner
  • David Kelly, Former Eugene City Councilor
  • Jesse Lohrke, City of Eugene Police Commissioner
  • Anne Marie Levis, Eugene 4J School Board; President-Elect UO Alumni Association
  • Arbrella Luvert, NAACP Eugene-Springfield Southern Oregon Chapter Executive Committee
  • Henry Luvert, President, NAACP Eugene-Springfield Southern Oregon Chapter 
  • James I. Manning, Jr., EWEB Commissioner-Elect; City of Eugene Police Commissioner
  • Jared Mason-Gere, Former Chair, Democratic Party of Lane County
  • Tony McCown, Lane Community College Board Chair
  • Marcela Mendoza, PhD, Executive Director Centro Latino Americano
  • Rachel Parra, 1st First Vice President, NAACP Eugene-Springfield Southern Oregon Chapter
  • Rosemary Pryor, Lane Community College Board of Directors; Chair Oregon Workforce Investment Board
  • George Russell, Former 4J School District Superintendent
  • John Simpson, EWEB Commissioner
  • Mike Takahashi, President Japanese American Association of Lane County
  • Jenny Ulum, Public Affairs Director, PeaceHealth; Former United Way of Lane County Campaign Co-Chair
  • Bob Walker, City of Eugene Police Commission
  • Mary Walston, Eugene 4J School Board; Former Board President Greenhill Humane Society


Community Members Supporting Juan Carlos Valle

  • John Ahlen
  • Bahati Myhelatu Ansari
  • Gary Apsel
  • Isabel Asevero
  • Paul Ausems
  • Jenna Babcock
  • Wendy Baker
  • Judi Beard-Strubbing
  • Julie Beck
  • Mike Biglan
  • Paul Biondi
  • Brad Black
  • Kristen Brandt
  • Amy Bray
  • Glen Brigham
  • Lori Bumgardner-Adair
  • Christina Cameron
  • Adela Canchola
  • Elizabeth Canchola
  • Mariaelena Canchola
  • Rigoberto Canchola
  • Salvador Canchola
  • Sanjuana Canchola
  • Jennifer Carter-Rosales
  • María Castro
  • Liz Cawood
  • Bonnie Chappa
  • Dennis Chappa
  • Elena Chavarria
  • Ivette Chavarria
  • Rudy Chavarria
  • Linda Clapp
  • Colleen Coffin
  • Pamela Cournoyer
  • Mike Curtis
  • Betsy Davis, PhD
  • Ernesto del Valle
  • Maurie Denner
  • Angela Douthit
  • Angelica Downes
  • Jett Downes
  • Joh-Teena Filipe
  • James Florendo
  • Gloria Formink
  • Beth Gaiser Sheehan
  • Flavio García
  • Jim Garcia
  • Mike Garling
  • Jerry Gill
  • Liz Gill
  • Susan Gill
  • Mago Gilson
  • Peter Glaser, PhD
  • Susan Glaser, PhD
  • Gabriel Gutierrez
  • Maria Gutierrez
  • Rick Hamilton
  • David Hansen
  • Jessie Hernandez
  • Lorenzo Herrera
  • Maritza Herrera
  • Rodrigo Hidalgo
  • Jon Hinds
  • Marlene Storey Hoard
  • Adam Horvath
  • Aurelio Huaracha
  • Georgina Huaracha
  • Jane Kelly
  • Kathleen Kevrekian
  • Sarib Khalsa
  • Sat Pavan Khalsa
  • Charles Kittleson
  • Hillary Kittleson
  • Carla Kolessar
  • Johnny Lake
  • Joel Lamm
  • Ann-Marie Lemire
  • Helen Lucas
  • Kenya Luvert
  • Claudia Macedo
  • Gabby Macedo
  • Laura MacGhee
  • Shane Martin
  • Jared Mason-Gere
  • Manuel Méndez
  • Anna Mercado
  • Connie Mesquita
  • Silverio A. Mogart
  • Mario Mora
  • Armando Morales
  • Tim Muller
  • Dan Neal
  • Bruce Nelson
  • Marilyn Nelson
  • Melissa Nolledo
  • Edward M. Olivos
  • Arnold Olsen
  • Edna Ornelas
  • Rosalia Ornelas
  • José Pérez
  • Mario C. Petersen, MD
  • Hugh Prichard
  • Sue Prichard
  • Ben Quady
  • Mili Quintero
  • Pilar Quintero
  • Rebeca Rangel
  • Jim Ray
  • Catherine Reinhart
  • Cheryl Reinhart
  • Rusty Rexius
  • Gerald Rice
  • Marilyn Rice
  • Don Ritchie
  • Xavier Rodríguez
  • Rita Yeri Rodriguez-Loop
  • Manuel Ronquillo
  • Sergio Sanches
  • Lourdes Sanchez
  • Anarelis Sandoval
  • Jo Schechter
  • Jane Scheidecker
  • Michael Schwartz
  • Mary Sherriff
  • Ron Sherriff
  • Alberta Shields-Wooten
  • Damaris Silva
  • Patricia D. Skipper
  • Rhonda Snyder
  • Bob Strubbing
  • Mike Takahashi
  • David Yuen Tam
  • Jill Torres
  • Amalie Valle-Wuite
  • Rico Vallejos
  • Ranfis Villatoro
  • Shareen Vogel
  • Andrea Waiau
  • Kirk Walker
  • Charles Warren
  • John White
  • Rose Wilde
  • Gary Wildish
  • Kevin Williams
  • Lorraine Wilson
  • Pamela Wright
  • Shanna Wright
  • Ennis Wuite
  • Mo Young


Testimonials Supporting Juan Carlos Valle

“Having worked with Juan Carlos Valle on some projects concerning human and civil rights in local government, I can vouch for his commitment to public service, wise governance, professionalism, and fairness. He will bring fresh eyes and fresh energy to the Eugene City Council.” — Charles Dalton

Juan Carlos’ integrity is never in question.” – Linda Hamilton

Eugene needs leaders with a powerful work ethic and a powerful vision; Juan Carlos has both!” — John Helmick

“I support Juan Carlos Valle because he will be a more effective policy maker.  His fair and collaborative approach will help the Council enact policies that reflect the interests of Ward 2 residents.” — David Kelly 

“Let’s get behind a community leader and a pillar of our community.”  – Sat Pavan Khalsa

“Juan Carlos – thank you for serving our community.” – Arbrella Luvert

“He will do the right thing for people.” – Henry Luvert

“A fine community leader with great ideas.” – James I. Manning,  Jr.

“Juan Carlos finds positive solutions when there is a crisis.” – Rosalia Ornelas

“I believe it’s time for a change… A fresh perspective and commitment to collaboration.” – Rosemary Pryor

“Juan Carlos models leadership for those who know how important it is to ‘step up’ to represent voices not heard.” – Rebeca Rangel

“I’ve know Juan Carlos for 15 years and from the beginning I’ve been impressed with his ability to connect with everyone. He listens with the intention of truly understanding your point of view. He has the rare ability to weigh all views and find the balanced perspective between.  I trust that he will find a way to make good decisions and not just tow the party line or pander to his base.  He gets my vote!”  –  Catherine Reinhart

“I fully endorse Juan Carlos. His balanced, respectful approach and new energy will bring positive results to the City Council.” – John Simpson

“When I first met Juan Carlos I was struck by his generosity and his genuine interest in hearing out my point of view. The more I got to know him, the more I was struck by his love for his family, his community, and bringing people together. This guy is a leader!”  –  Ranfis Villatoro

“Juan Carlos is a passionate and highly ethical man.” – David Yuen Tam